Columbia Bicycles donates bikes to Shepard's Village

Columbia Bicycles Donates Bikes to Shepard’s Village

Donated Bicycles from Columbia BikesBallard Pacific, owner of Columbia Bikes, donated 6 Columbia Bikes to Shepard’s Village of Largo Florida. Shepard’s Village is a faith-based residential ministry of New Life Solutions serving the greater Tampa Bay area. Shepherds Village offers a two-year Christian affordable housing and life resource ministry for single moms in need. The ministry provides parenting support and resources to assist mothers in their journey from crisis to self-sustainability. The resources include spiritual support, life skills training, education, job development, and other growth opportunities for single moms in need.

Nearly 40% of all single mother families live at or below poverty levels, according to the US Census. Thanks to caring benefactors, Shepherds Village is able to provide needed housing and encouragement to more than 275 single parent families and 600 dependent children. The mothers receiving support are in need of a fresh start. During their residency, 98% of the parents move from crisis and insufficient income to establishing and pursuing major life goals. Those interested in donating to the ministry can forward direct support to Shepherds Village, 1910 East Bay Dr. Largo FL 33771

Shepherds Village donated bikesIn the photo, Susan Levario, Associate Director and April Smith Administrate Assistant. “Shepherds Village is extremely blessed to have received 6 beautiful Columbia Bikes that we can distribute to our mothers in need. Thank you Columbia Bikes for your generous donation”. Susan Levario – Associate Director.

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